Good Medicine Begins in The Garden


Kayla Starr, Starr Botanicals

Kayla Starr is a professional massage therapist and an avid gardener. She has practiced and taught massage since 1985. Having harvested annual food and herb crops in various N. California and S. Oregon micro-climates for 4 decades, she knows how to work with the Earth to produce exemplary vegetables as well as culinary and medicinal herbs.

As a massage therapist, she has worked with natural herbal blends over the decades to create healing salves, massage oils and herbal teas. Her products are based on what she grows in her gardens and what she collects wild each year, as the herbs reach perfect ripeness.

Starr Botanical products work with mind, body and spirit, to bring deep healing and pain relief. Most of Kayla's clients and customers are so satisfied with these products, they keep coming back for more. So, she has decided to offer her products on line to make them available to people everywhere who are seeking natural and effective remedies.

Starr Botanicals is located in the mountains of Southern Oregon

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