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Deep Relief™ Massage Oil

Deep Relief™ Massage Oil

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This potent massage oil is blended with the finest organic medicinal herbs and oils to provide maximum relief from pain and inflammation. It is also deeply calming and uplifting. It imparts no psychoactive effects whatsoever.

It works on the skin, muscles, joints, connective tissue and nerves to reduce tension, muscle spasms, inflammation and discomfort. Use it for arthritis, trauma, headaches, strains, sprains, sciatica, dry skin, some rashes, insomnia, muscle and joint aches associated with colds and flu, and various auto-immune diseases.The cannabis used in this product is a perfect balance of CBD, THC and Terpenes which act synergistically to maximize potency for relieving pain and inflammation.

The product becomes semi-solid when cold, and liquifies at 75 degrees. 

A full body massage will require 1/2 to 3/4 ounce. Coconut oil liquifies at 76 degrees.

Cannabis aroma disappears within 5 minutes after use.

Ingredients - 100% Organic
• CBD/THC Balanced Cannabis Buds and Shake
• Organic Coconut Oil
• Wild-Crafted St. Johns Wort Flowers
• Olive Oil
• Hemp Oil
• Rosemary Essential Oil

Benefits beyond normal massage:
Very deep relaxation, relief of muscle, joint and nerve pain
Nourishes skin tissue, Eases insomnia.
A renewed sense of well-being.

8 oz. bottle - Free Shipping